Charlotte Douglas Airport Arrivals (CLT)

Not all flights may be showing. If not available use search above to find your flight by airline, airport or flight number.
Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Windsor Locks (BDL) American Eagle AA9973 11:11 Delayed
Jacksonville (JAX) American Airlines AA2585 11:15 10:45 Landed
Greensboro (GSO) American Eagle AA5286 11:23 11:03 Landed
Toronto (YYZ) Chartright Air HRT85 11:23 11:23 Landed
Memphis (MEM) American Airlines AA1790 11:29 10:54 Landed
Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA1714 11:33 Delayed
Birmingham (BHM) American Eagle AA3733 11:34 10:59 Landed
Pittsburgh (PIT) American Airlines AA2255 11:35 11:30 Landed
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA793 11:40 11:33 Landed
Blountville (TRI) American Eagle AA5932 11:43 11:11 Landed
Charlottesville (CHO) Piedmont Airlines PT8822 11:44 Scheduled
Harrisburg (MDT) American Eagle AA5536 11:45 11:26 Landed
San Juan (SJU) American Airlines AA1847 11:45 11:25 Landed
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA2135 11:50 11:48 Landed
Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL2684 (1) 11:57 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) WestJet WS8197 11:57 Scheduled
Baltimore (BWI) American Airlines AA934 11:59 11:52 Landed
San Antonio (SAT) American Airlines AA2875 11:59 11:26 Landed
Buffalo (BUF) American Airlines AA1203 12:03 11:46 Landed
White Plains (HPN) American Eagle AA5431 12:04 11:29 Landed
Houston (IAH) American Airlines AA1074 12:04 11:47 Landed
Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA2839 12:05 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) United Express UA3457 12:05 11:54 Landed
West Palm Beach (PBI) American Airlines AA2223 12:05 11:45 Landed
Tampa (TPA) American Airlines AA1990 12:05 11:38 Landed
Detroit (DTW) American Airlines AA2582 12:06 11:27 Landed
Austin (AUS) American Airlines AA2989 12:07 11:34 Landed
Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA392 12:08 11:36 Landed
Fayetteville (XNA) American Eagle AA3871 12:08 11:42 Landed
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) American Airlines AA1419 12:09 11:39 Landed
Raleigh (RDU) American Airlines AA1895 12:11 Scheduled
Windsor Locks (BDL) American Airlines AA973 12:14 Scheduled
Denver (DEN) American Airlines AA573 12:15 11:41 Landed
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA309 (1) 12:15 11:50 Landed
Dallas (DFW) GOL Linhas Aereas G36033 12:15 11:50 Landed
Charleston (CHS) American Airlines AA1531 12:15 11:49 Landed
New Orleans (NEW) NetJets EJA125 12:15 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) American Airlines AA2072 12:17 Scheduled
Greenville (GSP) American Eagle AA5381 12:17 Scheduled
Augusta (AGS) American Eagle AA5102 12:19 11:43 Landed
Jacksonville (OAJ) American Eagle AA5752 12:19 11:46 Landed
St Louis (STL) American Airlines AA2475 12:19 12:00 Landed
Richmond (RIC) American Eagle AA5047 12:21 Scheduled
Greenville (PGV) American Eagle AA5792 12:22 Scheduled
Columbia (CAE) American Eagle AA5682 12:23 11:52 Landed
Atlanta (ATL) American Eagle AA5302 12:23 11:56 Landed
Fletcher (AVL) American Eagle AA5731 12:23 Scheduled
Knoxville (TYS) American Eagle AA5274 12:23 11:54 Landed
Charlottesville (CHO) American Eagle AA5852 12:24 11:49 Landed
Fayetteville (FAY) American Eagle AA5428 12:24 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN106 12:25 Scheduled
Savannah (SAV) American Eagle AA5285 12:25 11:53 Landed
Roanoke (ROA) American Eagle AA5714 12:25 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA847 12:26 Scheduled
Charleston (CRW) American Eagle AA5366 12:27 Scheduled
New Bern (EWN) American Eagle AA5728 12:29 Scheduled
Lynchburg (LYH) American Eagle AA5796 12:29 11:56 Landed
Providence (PVD) American Airlines AA2898 12:29 Scheduled
Chattanooga (CHA) American Eagle AA5950 12:30 11:59 Landed
New Orleans (MSY) American Airlines AA2158 (1) 12:30 Scheduled
New Orleans (MSY) British Airways BA5063 12:30 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA1730 12:30 Scheduled
Myrtle Beach (MYR) American Airlines AA2529 12:30 Scheduled
New York (LGA) American Airlines AA628 12:30 Scheduled
Newport News (PHF) American Eagle AA5795 12:33 Scheduled
Wilmington (ILM) American Eagle AA5816 12:34 Scheduled
Lexington (LEX) American Eagle AA5572 12:34 11:57 Landed
Orlando (MCO) Frontier F91556 (1) 12:35 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Volaris Y42846 12:35 Scheduled
Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN4936 12:35 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) American Eagle AA5083 12:37 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA622 12:41 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Sun Country Airlines SY1947 12:45 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA1086 (1) 12:53 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Royal Jordanian RJ7090 12:53 Scheduled
Louisville (SDF) American Eagle AA5053 12:56 Scheduled
Nassau (NAS) American Airlines AA261 12:58 Scheduled
Pensacola (PNS) American Airlines AA2007 12:59 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) American Airlines AA705 (3) 01:00 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) British Airways BA1562 01:00 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Finnair AY4086 01:00 Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA) Iberia IB4654 01:00 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) American Eagle AA5360 01:00 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) American Airlines AA717 (3) 01:00 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) British Airways BA1631 01:00 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Finnair AY4194 01:00 Scheduled
Munich (MUC) Iberia IB4062 01:00 Scheduled
London (LHR) American Airlines AA731 (4) 01:00 Scheduled
London (LHR) British Airways BA1596 01:00 Scheduled
London (LHR) Finnair AY5664 01:00 Scheduled
London (LHR) Iberia IB4667 01:00 Scheduled
London (LHR) Malaysia Airlines MH9533 01:00 Scheduled
Bedford Hanscom (BED) NetJets EJA117 01:06 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) NetJets EJA555 01:06 Cancelled
New York (LGA) Delta Connection DL5046 (1) 01:08 Scheduled
New York (LGA) WestJet WS7868 01:08 Scheduled
Lewisburg (LWB) Contour Aviation LF3851 01:10 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA213 (2) 01:10 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) British Airways BA4924 01:10 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) GOL Linhas Aereas G36156 01:10 Scheduled
Memphis (MEM) American Airlines AA2037 01:12 Scheduled
Hilton Head (HHH) NetJets EJA678 01:18 Scheduled
Huntsville (HSV) American Eagle AA5811 01:20 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Delta Connection DL5070 (3) 01:23 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Kenya Airways KQ7001 01:23 Scheduled
New York (JFK) LATAM Airlines LA6544 01:23 Scheduled
New York (JFK) WestJet WS7682 01:23 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) American Airlines AA2445 (1) 01:24 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Iberia IB4760 01:24 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL3185 (2) 01:25 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Korean Air KE7138 01:25 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) WestJet WS6464 01:25 Scheduled
Fort Wayne (FWA) American Eagle AA5885 01:26 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) American Airlines AA1665 (1) 01:26 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) British Airways BA4723 01:26 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) American Airlines AA2798 01:26 Scheduled
Hilton Head (HHH) American Eagle AA3863 01:27 Scheduled
Tallahassee (TLH) American Eagle AA3851 01:27 Scheduled
New York (LGA) American Airlines AA2855 01:27 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA1158 01:28 Scheduled
Daytona Beach (DAB) American Eagle AA5658 01:30 Scheduled
Austin (AUS) American Airlines AA846 01:32 Scheduled
New York (JFK) American Airlines AA2643 (3) 01:34 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Finnair AY4159 01:34 Scheduled
New York (JFK) GOL Linhas Aereas G36143 01:34 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Qatar Airways QR7567 01:34 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) American Eagle AA9964 01:35 Cancelled
Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA1757 01:36 Scheduled
Wilkes-Barre Scranton (AVP) American Airlines AA1360 01:36 Scheduled
West Palm Beach (PBI) American Airlines AA2231 01:36 Scheduled
Syracuse (SYR) American Airlines AA2493 01:39 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) American Airlines AA787 (3) 01:40 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) British Airways BA1503 01:40 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Finnair AY4166 01:40 Scheduled
Paris (CDG) Iberia IB4019 01:40 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA2908 01:40 Scheduled
Panama City (ECP) American Airlines AA2963 01:43 Scheduled
Greensboro (GSO) American Eagle AA5851 01:44 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Express UA3589 (3) 01:44 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air Canada AC4324 01:44 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air New Zealand NZ2185 01:44 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) All Nippon Airways NH7408 01:44 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) Delta Connection DL5630 (1) 01:45 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) LATAM Airlines LA6216 01:45 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) American Airlines AA2429 01:45 Scheduled
Harrisburg (MDT) American Eagle AA5144 01:46 Scheduled
South Bend (SBN) American Eagle AA5189 01:47 Scheduled
Albany (ALB) American Airlines AA710 01:48 Scheduled
Indianapolis (IND) American Airlines AA2221 01:48 Scheduled
Jackson (JAN) American Eagle AA5927 01:49 Scheduled
San Antonio (SAT) American Airlines AA1977 01:49 Scheduled
Evansville (EVV) American Eagle AA5802 01:50 Scheduled
Fort Myers (RSW) American Airlines AA2024 01:50 Scheduled
Rochester (ROC) Flexjet LXJ501 01:51 Scheduled
Columbia (CAE) American Eagle AA5783 01:53 Scheduled
Charleston (CHS) American Airlines AA1242 01:54 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines AA1499 01:54 Scheduled
Rochester (ROC) American Eagle AA5041 01:54 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) NetJets EJA689 01:54 Scheduled
Myrtle Beach (MYR) American Eagle AA5590 01:54 Scheduled
Tampa (TPA) American Airlines AA2516 01:55 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) American Airlines AA1497 01:56 Scheduled
Raleigh (RDU) American Airlines AA750 01:56 Scheduled
Greenville (GSP) American Airlines AA2050 01:56 Scheduled
Sarasota (SRQ) American Eagle AA5094 01:56 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) American Airlines AA1697 01:57 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1152 01:57 Scheduled
Grand Rapids (GRR) American Airlines AA2008 01:57 Scheduled
Baton Rouge (BTR) American Eagle AA5092 02:00 Scheduled
Roanoke (ROA) American Eagle AA5748 02:00 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) American Airlines AA2515 02:00 Scheduled
Springfield (SGF) American Eagle AA5453 02:00 Scheduled
Knoxville (TYS) American Eagle AA5299 02:00 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) American Airlines AA5072 02:01 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) American Eagle AA5020 02:03 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) United Express UA6023 02:07 Scheduled
Birmingham (BHM) American Eagle AA5463 02:08 Scheduled
Allentown (ABE) American Eagle AA5052 02:10 Scheduled
Cleveland (CLE) American Airlines AA1264 02:12 Scheduled
New York (LGA) American Airlines AA1150 02:14 Scheduled
Providenciales (PLS) American Airlines AA631 02:15 Scheduled
Trenton (TTN) Frontier F93489 02:23 Scheduled
Burlington (BTV) American Eagle AA5423 02:24 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) American Airlines AA1712 02:26 Scheduled
Teterboro (TEB) flyExclusive JRE749 02:26 Scheduled
New York (LGA) Frontier F93133 02:29 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) American Airlines AA901 02:30 Scheduled
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Spirit Airlines NK996 02:36 Scheduled
Norfolk (ORF) American Eagle AA5430 02:38 Scheduled
Montego Bay (MBJ) American Airlines AA863 02:40 Scheduled
Manchester (MHT) American Eagle AA5457 02:41 Scheduled
Newark (EWR) Spirit Airlines NK994 02:42 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) American Airlines AA993 02:46 Scheduled
Cancun (CUN) American Airlines AA2248 02:50 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA1490 02:50 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) American Airlines AA854 02:52 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA2765 (4) 02:52 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) British Airways BA4927 02:52 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) GOL Linhas Aereas G36190 02:52 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) Iberia IB4984 02:52 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) Qatar Airways QR2902 02:52 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) American Eagle AA5663 02:53 Scheduled
Baltimore (BWI) American Airlines AA2049 02:55 Scheduled
Dublin (DUB) American Airlines AA725 (4) 02:55 Scheduled
Dublin (DUB) Aer Lingus EI7115 02:55 Scheduled
Dublin (DUB) British Airways BA1586 02:55 Scheduled
Dublin (DUB) Finnair AY4262 02:55 Scheduled
Dublin (DUB) Iberia IB4973 02:55 Scheduled
Salisbury-Ocean City (SBY) American Eagle AA5878 02:59 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada Express AC8747 (2) 02:59 Cancelled
Toronto (YYZ) Turkish Airlines TK8650 02:59 Cancelled
Toronto (YYZ) United Airlines UA8311 02:59 Cancelled
Clarksburg (CKB) Contour Aviation LF3713 03:00 Scheduled
Jacksonville (JAX) American Airlines AA1935 03:00 Scheduled
Staunton (SHD) Contour Aviation LF3457 03:00 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) American Eagle AA5543 (2) 03:02 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) British Airways BA6745 03:02 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) Qatar Airways QR9286 03:02 Scheduled
Beckley (BKW) Contour Aviation LF3403 03:05 Scheduled
Marsh Harbour (MHH) American Eagle AA3484 03:05 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) American Airlines AA652 03:06 Scheduled
Kentucky (CVG) American Eagle AA5657 03:07 Scheduled
Key West (EYW) American Airlines AA2663 03:07 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) American Airlines AA1651 (1) 03:07 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) AlphaSky AS6322 03:07 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Charlotte Douglas Airport

When arriving at Charlotte Douglas International Airport it is good to know what services that are available and what transfer options that are available.

Please remember to collect your luggage from the Baggage Claim area before exiting the Arrivals airside area.

Transfers at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Rental Cars – All car rental companies at Charlotte Douglas Airport can be found on the second level of the parking facility located opposite the terminal building. There are walkways connecting the two buildings on level 2.

Public Transport Buses – The Sprinter is an Express bus route, operated by the Charlotte Area Transit System, CATS, between the airport and City Center Charlotte. It runs from early morning to the middle of the night every day of the week. The CATS bus stop is located outside the Baggage Claim area and tickets are purchased on the bus. More information about buses at Charlotte Douglas Airport.

Taxis – Taxis are found at the taxi rank located outside the Baggage Claim area on Arrivals level. Four different taxi companies are licensed to pick up customers here, although other taxi companies may pick up through pre-arranged transfer. The journey to central Charlotte takes around 15-20 minutes and the cost for up to two passengers is around $25. More information about taxis at Charlotte Douglas Airport.

Hotel Shuttles – There are some hotels that offer their guests the service of an airport shuttle transfer to or from the airport. These are pre-arranged by the traveler. Pick up is allowed at the designated hotel shuttle stop located outside the Baggage Claim area.

Limousines and Shuttles – Privately organized transfer options such as limousine or shuttle will pick up their customers outside the Baggage Claim area, exact location will be informed by the company the transfer is arranged with. See more about booking a private transfer to or from Charlotte Douglas Airport.

Ride Shares – RideShare pick-ups are arranged privately through the company’s app or website and take place outside the Baggage Claim area, across from the CATS bus stop.

Trains – There is no train station at the airport, but there is a regional light rail train in the Charlotte area and an Amtrak station in Charlotte. The Sprinter connects with other bus routes to transfer to the Amtrak station. More information about train services near Charlotte Douglas Airport.

WiFi at Charlotte Douglas Airport

The airport offers free WiFi to all passengers throughout the entire terminal through the network named ” CLT Free WiFi”. If there is a problem connecting to the network, please open up a new browser window and go to the website of choice, or simply refresh your current browser window.

Charging Stations at Charlotte Douglas Airport

There are charging stations located in select areas throughout the terminal, including the concourses and in additional gate areas. Some are seating with integrated power and USB outlets and in other locations there are power outlets. Portable power is available for purchase in select retail locations as well as at Fuel Rod vending locations.

Sanitizer Stations at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Hand sanitizer stations can be found throughout the terminal.

Mother’s Rooms at Charlotte Douglas Airport

There are a total of three Mother’s Rooms at the airport, all on airside. One is located on the upper level of the Atrium, one in the A Connector and one on The Plaza in the D/E Connector. Two of these rooms have stalls with a drape giving separation and privacy. All of the three rooms have changing stations, sink and power outlets to give moms some privacy and quiet time for pumping or nursing.

Diaper Changing Stations at Charlotte Douglas Airport

All men’s, women’s and family restrooms at the airport have diaper changing stations.

Smoking at Charlotte Douglas Airport

CLT is a smoke-free airport, meaning smoking is only allowed outside and not within 100 ft/30.5 m from any doorways. If a traveler goes outside to smoke after having gone through the security screening they have to go through it again to get back to airside.

Pet Relief Areas at Charlotte Douglas Airport

There are several Pet Relief Areas located in the terminal on airside, once through the security control, including one in the Baggage Claim area for arriving pet owners.

ATMs at Charlotte Douglas Airport

There are several ATMs/cash machines located both on landside and on airside at the airport, as well as in the Baggage Claim area for arriving passengers.

Currency Exchange Services at Charlotte Douglas Airport

There are a total of three Currency Exchange International offices/desks at the airport, although all might not be open due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One is located in the Baggage Claim area (closed at the time of writing), and there is also one in the Atrium and one in Concourse D.

USO Lounge at Charlotte Douglas Airport

The USO Lounge is located on the upper level of the Atrium, on the airside.

Interfaith Chapel at Charlotte Douglas Airport

The Interfaith Chapel is open to everyone seeking a place to reflect or have a moment of tranquility. It is located on the airside and on the upper level of the Atrium and it is open at all times.

Relaxation at Charlotte Douglas Airport

There are several locations for getting your shoes shined at the airport, and there are also a couple of locations offering Minute Suites where travelers can relax, take a nap, have a shower, work or just get out of the business of the airport for a while before their flight. There are also one or two Xpress Spa locations. All are found on airside once through the security screening.

Lounges at Charlotte Douglas Airport

There are two American Airlines Admiral Club locations, Concourse B and D/E Connector, and an American Express Centurion Lounge, in the Mezzanine on level 3.

Shopping and Dining at Charlotte Douglas Airport

The airport is full of shops and places to eat or drink, on the go or sit down, especially on airside once through the security control, but also a few on landside and for arriving travelers. For travelers looking to do some last minute shopping at this airport there are a lot of shops to explore.

Accessibility at Charlotte Douglas Airport

The airport is committed to providing accessible facilities for all persons that come through the airport, whether it is employees, travelers or friends and family of travelers. Contact the airline for more information about assistance in relation to the flight at least 24 hours ahead of the departure of the flight.

Lost and Found at Charlotte Douglas Airport

As is the case with many bigger airports, different instances are responsible for different areas of the airport process, however it is always good to report the loss of an item to the airport, especially if it wasn’t lost on the plane. The Airport Lost and Found Office is located in the Baggage Claim Zone B and it is open every day from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

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